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Local input wanted for the long-term vision of Wokingham Borough

Organisations (including Healthwatch) and community groups from Wokingham Borough are seeking the views of local residents across all communities, on the future of the area.

A community steering group has been formed to create a long-term vision for the borough.

The vision will set out the most important things that Wokingham Borough Council need to do to ensure a great quality of life for everybody in the community.

The topics (these are not confirmed priorities for the final plan) the steering group would like locals to comment on are:

· Health and well-being

· Environment and sustainability

· Opportunity, equality and inclusion

· Community engagement,

empowerment and action

· Engaging with young people

· Engaging with businesses

For all the details of the future vision plan and to complete the short questionnaire, please click here.

If you have any questions or want to share your views directly with the community vision steering group, you can email:



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