Don't know where to go for help? 

Our dedicated information and signposting team is here to help you to find services in Wokingham Borough to support your wellbeing.

Are you:

  • Trying to find a new GP or NHS dentist?
  • Looking for services to support you with stress and anxiety?
  • Struggling to get support?
  • Looking after somebody?
  • Concerned about care?
  • Looking for something to do?

We're independent from health and care services so while we can't recommend specific services to you we'll do our best to give you the information you need to make informed decisions.

We can also give you information about what to do if things go wrong and how to raise a concern or make a complaint about a local health or social care service.
Our service is free and confidential and it's independent of both the NHS and Social Services.

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Looking for services near you?

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