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Local healthcare information available in different languages

Here at Healthwatch Wokingham Borough we want everyone living and working in the borough to get the health services they need. Most health care in the UK is provided by the National Health Service (NHS).

Wokingham Borough Council has produced a welcome pack to provide general information to people who have newly arrived in the borough and want to know how the local healthcare system works. The welcome pack is now available in different languages which follow below:

· English (PDF document)

· Amharic (PDF document)

· Chinese - Traditional (PDF document)

· Kurdish (PDF document)

· Persian (PDF document)

· Russian (PDF document)

· Spanish - Latin American (PDF document)

· Tigrinya (PDF document)

· Ukrainian (PDF document)

· Urdu (PDF document)

The council has also produced a Webinar in Cantonese on healthcare in the UK for new residents from Hong Kong.

The NHS website also has lots of information about health care topics and services including pregnancy, available in different languages. Visit the NHS website – Health information in other languages.

Doctors of the World, also provide easily accessible translated healthcare information and videos for people which addresses common topics such as, oral health and COVID 19 . Visit the translated health information here.

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