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Nov 2023: Need urgent or emergency dental care? Use the NHS additional hours scheme.

The local and national dentistry crisis continues. The team continues to see borough residents struggling to register and/or find appointments with local NHS dentists.

We are in regular contact with NHS England - South East Dental to ensure you have the latest information on local dentistry.

Currently, there are NHS dental practices across Berkshire offering additional NHS appointments (aka extra hours scheme) for people that need urgent and emergency dental care only, open to all Wokingham Borough residents. These dental surgeries are out of the borough.

For urgent and emergency dental treatment, we recommend you call the dental practices below as soon as they open each morning to make an appointment. Appointments get filled quickly. Please also mention Healthwatch Wokingham Borough when speaking to the dental practice about your dental problem.

Please note these sessions are not for routine dental care unless you are clinically vulnerable (including (but not the full list) cardiac patients, cancer patients, immunosuppressed), Looked After Children or Care Home residents.

As of 6th November 2023, you can call the following dental practices and make an appointment if you are a Wokingham Borough resident needing urgent or emergency dental care, or if you are clinically vulnerable:

You can find more information and advice on how to access dental care across Wokingham Borough here.

We will continue to update this page as and when more dental practices come on board with this scheme and /or have NHS spaces, and when more appointments become available across the borough.

Do let us know if any local dental practices are taking on new NHS patients too and we can update this page - thank you.

We continue to welcome your views and experiences on dental services across Wokingham Borough which will be used anonymously to inform local NHS dental leaders of the dental crisis locally. Your feedback can be submitted here.

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