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Healthwatch Wokingham Borough’s 2022/23 workplan published

We have published our workplan for 2022/2023 which highlights our key objectives and priorities which will be delivered as part of our core statutory duties.

Since 1 April 2022, there has been a new team at Healthwatch Wokingham Borough. The team is led by Alice Kunjappy-Clifton, Lead Officer. Our work in the first few months has been focused on: getting a team of staff and volunteers in place; making Healthwatch Wokingham Borough visible to local residents and getting their voice heard; and further developing our understanding of the health and social care issues local people are facing.

The workplan for the new team has 7 key priorities:

  1. Volunteer recruitment

  2. Enter and View

  3. Maternal mental health

  4. Building Berkshire Together

  5. Jointly plan and present a session on self-neglect to the local voluntary sector with the West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Board VCS sub-group

  6. Specialist health support for people with learning disabilities

  7. Review the reports undertaken by the previous Healthwatch Wokingham Borough provider and plan follow-up as appropriate.

For full details you can view the workplan here.



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