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Claiming Back The Cost Of Your Trip To Hospital

Hope and Care 16 February 2022

Struggling to afford cost of transport to attend hospital appointments ? You may be entitled to claim back the cost of travelling

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is urging patients to check whether they are eligible to claim back the cost of transport to hospital appointments.

The Trust is aware that many patients are unaware of the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) or may not realise that they could be eligible to claim back costs, and is encouraging benefit claimants and those named on an NHS tax credit exemption certificate to check whether or not they qualify for expense claims.

Below is a summary of the scheme and who is eligible, there is more detailed information in a link at the end of this article including what information you need to provide and where you can claim.

Patients receiving certain benefits may be eligible to claim travel expenses. But if you aren't on a benefit patients can also claim for help with travel costs if they are named on, or entitled to, an NHS tax credit exemption certificate.

Patients who don’t receive a qualifying benefit, but are on a low income, and whose savings are £16,000 or less, may be eligible for assistance with their NHS travel expenses. The qualifying benefits are:

· Income Support

· Pension Guaranteed Credit

· Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

· Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

· Working Tax Credit (WTC) with Child Tax Credit (CTC)

· WTC with a disability element or a severe disability element

· CTC but you’re not eligible for WTC

· Certificate for Low Income - HC2 or HC3

· Universal Credit

There is more informationon the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme leaflet including:

· Am I entitled to claim travel expenses?

· What documents do I need to make a claim?

· Where can I make a claim?

· Useful contact information

There is more information about the HTCS on the NHS website here.

Dom Hardy, Chief Operating Officer of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, said “It’s vital for patients to be able to attend hospital appointments to prevent long-term problems with their health. The Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme is a great arrangement that will help people who find the cost of travelling to appointments a challenge, and make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to access the healthcare they need.”

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