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'What Matters Most' to Wokingham residents about health and care needs

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Report by Hope and Care – 7 July 2021

Healthwatch Wokingham are here to find out what matters to people in Wokingham Borough and to help make sure their views shape the support they need in future.

Now that we have a road map out of the pandemic, and the vaccine roll-out is well under way, we wanted to know what matters most to people when it comes to health and care services across Wokingham Borough.

We launched a survey to find out more. We asked:

  • What are your big health priorities looking beyond Covid-19?

  • What areas do you think we - as the independent champions for health and social care locally - should be focused on for the rest of this year?

  • What views do you have on the way services are being run, now and for the future?

To find out the answers and read the survey report, click the button below.

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