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Then and now - Healthwatch Wokingham Borough annual report (2020-2021)

Report by Hope and Care – 1 July 2021

It has been a year of change for all of us.

At Wokingham we adapted to new ways of working during the Covid-19 pandemic, along with many other organisations. Much of our planned public engagement and visits to services paused and we delivered an increased focus on providing advice, signposting and digital engagement.

To support the local response to Covid-19 we worked closely with our partners in the council and the voluntary and community sector. Early in the year we undertook a borough wide survey seeking to identify and understand the information, advice and support needs of residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this is covered later in this report.

While the pandemic has inevitably changed our ways of working, we are always conscious of those who are digitally excluded, we have found opportunities to develop and create new connections and relationships which will continue in the future.


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