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Access to GP led services report: Wokingham Borough patient views (2021-2022)

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Report by Help and Care (Healthwatch Wokingham Borough provider to 31 March 2022) published 5 December 2022

This is a collaborative project between Healthwatch in the South of England and the NHS (2021-2022) which emerged because Healthwatch was receiving a high level of feedback from the public regarding primary care services.

Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire West Integrated Care Board has made a statement on Healthwatch Wokingham Borough's findings and recommendations:

"Thank you for sharing the report Healthwatch Wokingham wrote, in conjunction with other Healthwatch providers in the southeast, detailing the outcome of work on access to GP services. Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire West Integrated Care Board (ICB) appreciates receiving the views of those involved in the consultation, both Wokingham Borough residents and staff.

The ICB was concerned to read some of the experiences described in the report. Ahead of receiving the report the ICB has been aware of very high levels of demand being seen across the local health system putting pressure on GP practices and other services and for some time plans have been in place to improve access.

Plans in place include working with GP practices to clearly publicise access routes for appointments on their websites, including a clear commitment to offering face-to-face appointments and patients receiving appointments within 2-weeks of booking. Awareness of the different staff types, such as care navigators, is a part of the ICB’s winter communications plan and posters have been distributed to practices on these roles and others. However, learning from other areas on how they have raised awareness will be taken onboard and implemented as appropriate.

The work the ICB has been doing on access is far ranging but it is hoped that the above sets out the work in regard to the recommendations in the report.

Thank you again for sharing the report, we will ensure that this forms part of ongoing plans to improve access and as part of discussions held with Wokingham GP practices."


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