Carers Experience During Covid-19

The experiences of Wokingham Borough unpaid carers in a global pandemic
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We asked Wokingham Borough  residents who provide support to family and friends for their stories,  and asked "What can we learn?"

In 2020/21 Healthwatch Wokingham surveyed unpaid carers in the Borough to find out about their experiences of caring during the Covid pandemic. 89 carers completed our questionnaire.
• 2 out of 3 questionnaire respondents didn't know their rights as a carer.
• 30% didn't know what a carer's assessment was.
• 40% weren't registered as a carer with their GP.

Top concerns reported by carers:

  • Decline of the person they look after.
  • Workload and lack of time out
    • 78% said the number of hours of care they provided had increased.
    • 70% hadn't been able to get regular breaks.
  • Carer wellbeing, notably the negative impact on their:
    • mental health (84%) and physical health (62%)
    • family wellbeing (73%)

Other findings:

 Carers found it easier to get food and medication during lockdown than carers in other areas- thanks to Wokingham's community response.

  • Direct payment recipients reported Council inflexibility and delays.

You can download and read the report below. 


Carers Experience During Covid-19

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