Reducing loneliness by sharing Sunday lunch

Healthwatch Wokingham Borough have a particular interest in hearing the voices of those who are not always heard
older man wearing a cap

Healthwatch Wokingham Borough collaborated with the Link Visiting Scheme, an organisation that has been in Wokingham for over 20 years, with the aim of reducing loneliness, isolation, promoting friendship and increasing the health and welllbeing of people 

"The Sunday kitchen had a lovely family atmosphere, with people chatting and laughing. It reminded me of lunches that my mum used to do on a Sunday."

In January 2018 the link visiting scheme set up a monthly Sunday kitchen. 40 people were invited to attend at Arborfield Village Hall. They specifically invited older people who particularly struggle with no close family or friends.


To read more about this project, the views of those who took part and the conclusions download the report 

link kitchen project