Healthwatch Wokingham Borough - Visit To The Berkshire Care Home

Our team of trained, authorised representative volunteers, visited The Berkshire Care Home on 7th February 2018 to get the views of the residents living there and the views of their families, carers.
large care home in Wokingham

Enter & View is the statutory power granted to every local Healthwatch which allows authorised representatives to observe how services are being delivered, to collect the views of service users at the point of delivery, and to collect the views of carers and relatives of service users from a lay persons perspective.

After our visit to the The Berkshire Care Home we made several suggestions to the service provider


Whilst various activities were on offer there appeared to be a lack of activities for intellectual stimulation for some. NICE guidance defines meaningful activities as those that provide emotional, creative, intellectual and spiritual stimulation. Whilst the activities programme met most of these definitions for meaningful activity perhaps more could be done for person centred, individual, intellectual activity inside or outside of the home.

Access To Dentists

There are guidelines about care home residents having access to medical care including dentists. One resident, one family member and the manager mentioned the difficulty about accessing local NHS dentists particularly for those who have mobility issues. Many dentists do not have hoists to move patients from wheelchairs into the dental chairs. As a result, there is a concern that not all residents are having regular check-ups. The manager has been looking to resolve this issue but it is still a concern.

I am disappointed that there is no-one as intelligent who I can have a serious conversation with.

Service Providers Response

“Although we are having major difficulties in finding a visiting dentist, we do still ensure that our residents see a dentist but we have to arrange a taxi to take them which has become very costly for them. We are continuing to seek alternative dentist. Regarding our activity program, we are constantly reviewing our content to ensure that all our residents can take part in something they enjoy. We regularly meet with them and ask for their ideas. We have a wishing well theme which ensures that every resident has their wish granted. There are many intellectual themes included in our program such as visiting Historians, Church Service, Poetry sessions, art and music therapy and quizzes and discussions. We feel that activities play a major part of our residents’ day and strive to achieve a varied, stimulating and rewarding program for them.”


To read the full report of our visit to The Berkshire Care Home, our findings and recommendations, download the report.

the berkshire care home