The Experience Of People Admitted To Psychiatric Wards At Prospect Park Hospital In Berkshire

For the first time, all 6 local Healthwatch in Berkshire* worked together, to visit and capture views of people staying as inpatients at Prospect Park Hospital in Reading, run by the county’s main mental health provider, Berkshire Healthcare Trust
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Main Findings

 • 81% of people (29 out of 36) said they felt hospital staff treated them with dignity and respect

• 80% of people (32 out of 40) said they had not been given a date for their discharge from hospital

• 75% of people (30 out of 40) said they took part in activities at the hospital

• 69% of people (27 out of 39) said they had been told about their right to have an independent mental health advocate (IMHA)

• 67% of people (27 out of 41) said they had been in contact with a community service before coming into hospital

• 62% (24 out of 39) people said they had not had their care and treatment plan explained to them in hospital

• Staff attitude, care or friendliness was the most common response from patients asked to identify one good thing about the hospital, followed by: getting treatment they needed, feeling safe, support from other patients, the environment, the hospital’s location, and the care on Rose Ward.

• More staff, was the improvement most suggested by patients, followed by: different treatment, more escorted trips, environment changes, nearby smoking areas, better food, more information, or peer support.

“I was an inpatient here for seven months and my team took very good care of me, got to know me and figured out how to help me when I'm in a crisis.”


To read the full report about our visit to Prospect Park Hospital download the report

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