Royal Berkshire Hospital parking passes trial for volunteer drivers

Lack of parking at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, causes stress to the volunteer drivers and their clients

What is the issue ?

Parking problems at the Royal Berkshire Hospital has become a major problem. It is affecting volunteer drivers from all the various community transport schemes that do their best to help elderly and/or disabled vulnerable people attend their appointments. This causes stress for the drivers and the patients

What was the trial ?

Roger Kemp, Healthwatcher volunteer driver, negotiated for a trial period, six badges allowing access to two spaces, designated as volunteer parking, in the mainly staff car park adjacent to Outpatient

What were the results of the trial ?

In total, our drivers made 756 trips to Royal Berkshire Hospital  in 2015-16, increasing to 797 in 2016-17. 

The six drivers with passes, who represent 11% of our total drivers, accounted for around 40% of the RBH drives in this period.

The two designated spaces have made a huge difference to volunteers drivers. 

‘The pass has changed the RBH experience for me – I have not used the multi-storey car park in over a year and it makes life so much easier for me and for the client.’


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Frimley park hospital discharge report