Manager - Neil Bolton-Heaton

Neil is the Head of Healthwatch and holds responsibility for Healthwatch in Hampshire, Wokingham, Slough and Portsmouth. Neil has worked across the health, social care and social enterprise sectors at both operational and strategic level. Neil is passionate about quality service experience and in ensuring voice and representation in the design, development and delivery of health and social care services.

0118 418 1418


Our staff

 Nicholas Durman - Assistant Manager 

Nick's varied career has taken him from being a soldier with the British Army for 7 years, to many years in I.T. including 10 years as front line service manager for customer services and service improvement. Nick wants to make a difference to the everyday life and challenges of people and so he’s worked with learning disabled adults and helping people apply for Disabled Facilities Grants to make adaptions to their homes. 

Joanna Dixon - Engagement Lead