E-consult is helping Brookside Practice to manage increased demand for services

Increasingly, GP practices across the Borough are using online consultation. What does this mean for patients?
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What is e-consult?

E-consult is an online platform introduced to GP websites to support remote consultations. You complete an online form to describe your symptoms and are directed to an appropriate treatment pathway without needing to speak to a health professional in the first instance. You can also access self-help information and request prescriptions.

Brookside Practice is one of the GP surgeries in Wokingham that has started to use e-consult as a first point of contact.This was introduced during the pandemic to meet the needs of patients and is likely to continue as we emerge from restrictions.

We know that some people are not familiar with this development or are not confident in using the technology.

Dr Amit Sharma has answered some of the questions that are often asked alongside others from the practice. 

E-consult, frequently asked questions

What might help you or someone you care for use e-consult or other similar systems more easily? You can contact us to tell Healthwatch Wokingham about your experience. 

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