Covid 19 Vaccine - Equalities Survey About Vaccine Motivation

Covid 19 vaccine ? The local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would like to understand why you want it or why you don't want it.
vial of covid vaccine and needle

What's It ABout ?

The Berkshire West CCG would very much like to understand better the motivators for people considering the Covid-19 vaccine in Wokingham, Reading and West Berkshire. To gain insights into people’s views and preferred communications channels, we are conducting a piece of insights research to help shape our future health services and communications.  We have created a simple online survey that takes roughly five minutes to complete. Reaching a wide and diverse range of residents is essential. 

The survey is open and the closing date is 6pm on Sunday 9th May 2021.  

 Here is the link to the survey: 

Covid vaccination equalities | Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (

All the information collected will be stored securely and will be kept confidential. Responses will remain anonymous.

Need more local information about Covid 19 ?

If you would like more information about Covid-19 cases in your local area, or want help understanding testing or how you can order tests, vaccinations and lots of other useful information including videos from local people in various languages, visit the following site for publick health in Berksire West: 

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