Maternity Services and Visiting Update - 23rd July - Royal Berkshire Hospital

Below is an update regarding Maternity visiting, antenatal and postnatal care clinics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.
picture of mother and baby at hospital

Visiting on Marsh and Iffley Ward- antenatal and postnatal care.

During Covid 19 Pandemic, we had to unfortunately stop all visiting in the ward areas to protect pregnant women, new mothers, babies and staff from an increased risk of acquiring Covid-19. With lockdown easing, the maternity ward is now pleased to announce the following new arrangements:

 Induction of Labour (Marsh ward) opened to enable one birth partner or advocate to remain with the woman during the induction process

 Marsh Ward. As the ward has a smaller  number of women, all women will be able to receive a visitor between 1 - 2pm and
7 - 8pm. This must be the birth partner or advocate and cannot be changed. No children will be admitted onto the ward.

 Iffley Ward – As the ward has a  larger number of women, visiting has been separated into two. The 28 bed ward will be split and colour coded at the bedside.

 Yellow Bed  visiting times: 1 - 2pm and 5 - 6pm.

Green Bed visiting times:   3 - 4pm and 7 - 8pm.

No visiting will be allowed during the morning, or between 2 - 3 and 6 -7pm on any day, or after 9pm in the evening.

Only one visitor is permitted during the admission and must be the designated birth partner or advocate. Please do not change this named person. No children will be admitted onto the ward.

No visiting on the day of discharge.

All visitors must:

  • Wear face masks (these will be provided if the named birth partner/advocate does not have their own)
  • Use hand gel
  • Wash hands with soap and water before holding or feeding baby and after nappy changes
  • Remain at the bedside, except for hand hygiene purposes. If a member of staff is needed, the call bell should be used.

Staff on the ward will ring a bell to announce the end of each visiting session and all visitors are requested to leave promptly.

Birth partners /advocates will be provided with a copy of the visitor’s charter which has been recently been adapted to reflect these changes after birth of baby.

In exceptional circumstances, such as women with communication issues or have undergone a bereavement, decisions will be made on visiting either in advance or by the maternity coordinator.

Scan and antenatal clinics

If the mother has an appointment for a scan or antenatal clinic at either West Berkshire Community Hospital or at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, they can attend with the named birth partner or advocate.

If the appointmewnt is with a Midwife in community setting (children’s clinic or GP for example), then they must attend on their own, and ask their birth partner or advocate to wait outside or in the car.

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