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STP Develops Its Five Year Strategy and Response to the Long Term Plan
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As reported in the December edition of this Bulletin, a five year BOB STP strategy is being developed to meet the health and care needs of our communities and to respond to the ambitions of the Long Term Plan, published last month. 
By developing an STP-wide strategy, leaders will be better able to work effectively to address these challenges in a more efficient and effective way – making best use of the public funds invested across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West. Keeping to the principles of working at the most local level, wherever possible, the strategy will identify what elements should be led at local, place, STP and regional level; and what the role of the STP should be on each issue.  

The Chief Executives Strategy Group agreed that the STP strategy would be developed in three phases - starting with a review to establish a common and shared understanding of the range of strategies in place to identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps and priorities.  
The first phase has been completed. The review confirms that people living within the BOB STP area are healthier than average; there is good provision of health and care, with strong infrastructure and resources. However, there are a number of challenges. There is a rising population, due to significant development and an increasing older population. There are pockets of deprivation in some communities with real health inequalities within the generally healthy population. In addition, these challenges are set against low funding per person, affecting the total amount of money available to health and care organisations.  
A number of possible common priorities within the STP were also identified - for example, quality and efficiency of care, delivering more integration, collaboration and financial sustainability. Clinical priorities included mental health, cancer and urgent care.  
Further consideration is being given to where leaders within the STP could work together collectively to add value by working at scale.  These might include, primary care, tackling workforce shortages and supporting services that are under pressure, including cancer and mental health referrals, particularly for children and young people.  
We expect to work with partners and local communities as our draft strategy develops over the coming months. The Strategy will be submitted to NHS England in the summer of 2019. For further information on the NHS Long Term plan, visit www.longtermplan.nhs.uk 

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