Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Site - What To Expect When You Visit

Our local Covid-19 mass vaccination site opened recently at the Madejski Football Stadium in Reading. See the video on what to expect when you visit the site for your vaccine and see a message from Wokingham doctor Dr Amit Sharma.
man seated receiving vaccine in the arm from standing nurse

Madejski Stadium Mass Vaccination Centre

This information was provided by Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group.

If you have an appointment to have your Covid vaccination at the Madejski Football Stadium we hope you’ll find this helpful. It takes you step by step through your visit and this video also walks you through the centre and shows you where to go and who you will meet

The vaccination centre is next to the Royals’ shop at the Madejski football stadium and it’s very well sign posted. Follow the signs to the car park - the Vaccination Centre is a short walk from the car park and marshalls can direct you.

There are disabled bays in the car park and the Centre has a number of wheel chairs if you need one.

There’s a map here with details of bus stops 

Please don’t arrive too early for your appointment. This helps us keep everyone socially distanced and means you won’t have to queue for too long to get into the Centre.

Remember you must wear a mask at all times and stay safely socially distanced from other visitors.

Once you walk through the main doors they will take your temperature and you’ll then be directed to the room where the vaccinations are being done.

This is on the first floor and there’s a short flight of stairs. If you can’t manage the stairs there is a lift.

Upstairs you’ll be met by a marshall who will show you to an assessment desk. Here they will check you in, take your details and then direct you into the room next door where the vaccinations take place.

Video message from local Wokingham GP Dr Amit Sharma. Read below for further details about your visit to the mass vaccination site



There may be a short queue while you wait for a vaccination ‘pod’ to become vacant. The pod is a screened off area where you’ll meet the NHS professional who will give you the jab.

Once you’ve had the jab and they have checked you’re ok then you’re able to go. Marshalls are on hand to direct you down the one-way corridor to leave the building. It brings you out to the same place you entered the centre.

You’ll get a leaflet which tells you about some of the small side effects you may feel – like a sore arm, or a headache. These are normal so don’t worry unless they don’t go away.

And if you are feeling anxious or unwell at any time during your visit, there is a quiet area where you can go and someone will look after you.

There’s also a language phoneline so if English isn’t your first language or you have any worries about understanding what is happening, this can help.

Please don’t come to the Centre until you have had a letter and have booked an appointment.

And remember that even when you’ve had the jab you are still at risk of catching Covid for a couple of weeks so it’s very important you continue to stick to the hands, face, space rules.

Thank you for having the vaccine – it’s the best way we can all help beat the virus and get back to seeing all our family and friends and enjoying a return to more ‘normal’ life.

The centre is using the Oxford AstraZeneca (AZ) coronavirus vaccine. This has met very strict tests for safety and effectiveness.

There’s a lost more information about the AZ vaccine and the other coronavirus vaccine Pfizer here

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