Covid 19 Vaccine - Wokingham Dr Amit Sharma Videos Discussing Common Questions About Vaccine

A Wokingham Borough doctor, Dr Amit Sharma, from the Brookside Practice, talks about various subjects regarding the Covid - 19 vaccine and hopes it answers some of residents questions
image of doctor Amit Sharma talking to camera sat at desk

In the following four videos Dr Amit Sharma talks about common questions relating to Covid-19 and and also the vaccine. He discusses:

  • common questions on the Covid-19 vaccine
  • the three different Covid-19 vaccines 
  • the Covid-19 vaccine priority list
  • explains why it’s so important to get the Covid-19 vaccine

In addition to Dr Sharma videos there is an article of frequently asked questions here

Dr Amit Sharma answers common questions about the covid-19 vaccine
Dr Amit Sharma discuss the 3 covid-19 vaccines
Dr Amit Sharma discusses the Covid-19 vaccination priority list
Dr Amit Sharma discusses why it is so important to get the Covid-19 vaccine

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