Royal Berkshire Hospital - Covid19 - A & E and Visiting Patients

Here you can find the latest information about the Royal Berkshire Hospital for accident and emergency department and visiting patients in hospital
picture of accident and emergency sign

This article covers changes to A & E and latest information on visiting patients in hospital. Visiting information can be found after the A & E information

A&E services are beginning to return to normal at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

As of June 1, the accident and emergency department has now switched back to a single site at its usual main entrance.  Those attending will be offered a face mask. In order to maintain social distancing there is a tented area outside just in case the indoor waiting room is too full to ensure social distancing.

The following link will take you to the Royal Berkshire Hospital web site for more information More

Visiting patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. During covid-19 there has been tight restrictions on people visiting patients at the hospital. Some of those restrictions are being lifted but with strict criteria in line with government guidance. 

The following link will take you to the hospitals website where you will find more detailed information More

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