Community pharmacies in Wokingham

As the UK responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, community pharmacies in Wokingham are working hard to ensure that everyone gets the medicines they need, when they need them.
Women talking to a pharmacist

Pharmacists and their teams are an essential part of the NHS and need your help and support during the coronavirus pandemic. Always treat our staff with respect, they are doing their best to provide you with the medicines and advice you need.

Please remember to check the opening times of your local pharmacy, as their hours may have recently changed.

You can find your nearest pharmacy contact details here:

The government is helping pharmacies to deliver prescriptions. Prescriptions will continue to cover the same length of time as usual.

If you do not currently have your prescriptions collected or delivered, you can arrange this by:

  • Asking someone who can pick up your prescription from the local pharmacy, (this is the best option, if possible);
  • Contacting your pharmacy to ask them to help you find a volunteer who can deliver it to you (volunteers will have been ID checked)
  • Asking the pharmacy if they can deliver it to you.

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